A Wearable MIPI display for STM32F769


It is a MIPI round display for STM32F769 Discovery Board

I always wonder why the information about using MCU to drive MIPI display is so little to run by.  A little effort after, I realized that was because most MCU don't support MIPI feature.  Now I found this STM32F769 has that support and here is what I came up with. If I can make it better, your feedback is welcome.


STM32F769 Discovery kit.

MFT MIPI adapter, DISP MIPI01 (v0.0.1 06/2017) or MIPI02 (v0.2 08/2017) available here 

1.39" Round display 400x400 , model DLC0139AZOG. Also a compatible and better display at ebay. Or here for straight version of display.

Development IDE:

I tried to use Eclipse tool chain, but wihtout suceess.  I can't even make F769-DISCO board to blink its LED. (as of 05/2017)

So I use online compiler, mbed.org 




Some more information:

  1. Word to html BOM

  2. BOM.JPG
  3. replace text Gerber Image


  1. gibberish Assembled


  1. gibberish Software

  2. Only 2 files and 12 lines,  needed to be modified.
  3. I believe there is a better way to do this than what is shown here. For now, this works.
  4. Changing the values as below.


step 1

Step 2

Step 3

- @file otm8009a.h -
#define OTM8009A_ORIENTATION_PORTRAIT ((uint32_t)0x01) /* Portrait orientation choice of LCD screen */ //Line 76
#define OTM8009A_ORIENTATION_LANDSCAPE ((uint32_t)0x00) /* Landscape orientation choice of LCD screen */ //Line 77
#define OTM8009A_480X800_WIDTH ((uint16_t)400) /* LCD PIXEL WIDTH */ //Line 91
#define OTM8009A_480X800_HEIGHT ((uint16_t)400) /* LCD PIXEL HEIGHT */ //Line 92
#define OTM8009A_800X480_WIDTH ((uint16_t)400) /* LCD PIXEL WIDTH */ //Line 95
#define OTM8009A_800X480_HEIGHT ((uint16_t)400) /* LCD PIXEL HEIGHT */ //Line 96
#define OTM8009A_480X800_HBP ((uint16_t)130) /* Horizontal back porch */ //Line 103
#define OTM8009A_480X800_HFP ((uint16_t)130) /* Horizontal front porch */ //Line 104
#define OTM8009A_480X800_VSYNC ((uint16_t)18) /* Vertical synchronization */ //Line 105
#define OTM8009A_480X800_VBP ((uint16_t)18) /* Vertical back porch */ //Line 106
#define OTM8009A_480X800_VFP ((uint16_t)18) /* Vertical front porch */ //Line 107

- @file stm32f769i_discovery_lcd.c -
/* Set number of Lanes */
hdsi_discovery.Init.NumberOfLanes = DSI_ONE_DATA_LANE; // Line#333


Next version?

I might work on the next version soon if I can gether enough interest or inquiry from others.  The material cost for this project is not attractive at all.  The Display and the Samtec board connector are the 2 major factors.  Sending your feedback to "JOB . . . at . . . MFT . . . COM".


Model: DISP MIPI01 v0.2 PCB was out on Aug, 2017. It is available on EBay. This version works with both "straight" and "diagonal" OLED.


Model: DISP MIPI01 v0.3 PCB was out on Jan, 2019. It is available on EBay. This version works with 3 kind of OLED displays. Round "straight" , Round "diagonal" and Square 320x360 OLED OLED.


Demo .bin file is available here for testing the display.. Connecting your STM32F769DISC board to your PC with the USB cable. The PC should see the Discover Board as a USB drive. Drag/copy the downloaded .bin file to the root/top directory of the drive. Press "RESET" button on the Discovery Board. The display should now show the picture as below.

That is all!